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What started as a lunchtime chess club when teaching at a primary school in Toowoomba, Queensland, is growing more and more into a comprehensive chess program.

Edward (Ted) Carter has developed Carter’s Chess for the purposes of;

  • connecting kids with chess

  • building appreciation for the game

  • shaping children of character through chess

Though we may guide and assist students to become exceptional chess players, this is not out primary focus. There are MANY organisations who may help you to that end. Ted established this entity to teach important life-lessons though chess, to make kids better learners and to support those who may be marginalised to find empowerment and confidence through chess.

Presently, Carter’s Chess offers four streams of engagement with chess for kids;

  1. an online community of students who play a mix of fun chess variants and tournaments
  2. programs that promote chess and develop skills of students in schools
  3. a series of ‘live’ events to introduce chess and make chess accessible to the wider community
  4. introducing and teaching chess skills to those who are blind or visually impaired

Even more plans are emerging to further expand our influence and to help people to see the value of chess.

Visit the UPCOMING EVENTS page for more details of how we make every day chess-tacular!